What Are The Best Tips For Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Recovery


Restoration of arthroscopic shoulder surgery, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, depending on many factors. However, individuals can take steps while improving the recovery of the medical outcome of the surgery. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery recovery time can sometimes be shortened by the use of different tips, including keeping the wound dress clean and dry, making the swelling down and following the prescribed rehabilitation routine exercise.

It is not necessary to have surgery in case of a shoulder injury. However, when a major problem occurs in the rotator cuff muscle it can lead to serious issues. If any problem with the ligaments or tendons occurs in the bone, this will require immediate surgery. The recovery process after getting these surgeries last for almost 6 months. The reason behind taking so much time is that the ligaments and tendons require some time to heal. Shoulder surgery recovery is not an easy task and proper time should be given along with the necessary treatment. Some of the important details about these surgeries are discussed in this article.

Recovery of rotator cuff

When the rotator cuff is torn, it requires a surgery. The main issue is to improve the movement as well as the strength of shoulder. If the treatment and other non-surgical efforts do not have positive effects, it will force the doctor to perform the surgery. The surgery may involve the removing of loose tendons and debris from the area between the shoulders; this is the area in which the movement of rotator cuff takes place. If the rotator cuff makes some issues, more space is given to it in order to lessen the irritation. Also, the torn edges of tendons are sewed and the top portion of arm bone is brought to its right position.

The rotator cuff surgery is also known as arthroscopic surgery. However, in some of the severe cases, open shoulder surgery is necessary. The incision made for such type of surgery is larger and that is why it requires more time for recovery.

Things that are common after getting a surgery

Most of the people have discomfort after having the surgery and the pain can be decreased by the use of medicines. To have fast recovery after shoulder surgery, the physical therapy is really important. Shoulder surgery recovery always needs a rehabilitation program in order to run the things smoothly. Some of the important things to consider after getting the surgery are here. First of all, right after waking up from the effect of anesthesia, the person should have some exercises focusing on the reflexes of hand, elbow, and wrist. This does not require a lot of effort and bring much more ease. The help of a machine or physical therapist can also be obtained to move the joint.

In order to do the active exercises including the stretches and movement of the shoulder should be done after 6 to 8 weeks of getting the surgery. This also depends on the extent of damage from which the shoulder has suffered and the complexity of the surgery. The exercises for strengthening the shoulder muscles will be taught to the person after some time. Then, the person can lift light weights and gradually move towards heavyweights.

Reasons to have surgery in shoulder

Mainly the surgery is done in case of rotator cuff injury. This happens when the shoulder suffers from a sudden injury. Severe weakness is caused in the shoulder in case of a tear in the rotator cuff. Also, even if the non-surgical treatment of 3 to 6 months is done, it will bring no improvements in the condition. The shoulder becomes weak gradually and there needs to be something in order to improve the strength of shoulder. Once the surgery is done, to have Shoulder surgery recovery speedily, many physical rehabilitation programs are held to get better soon.

Guide for shoulder surgery recovery exercises

After having surgery, it takes time to get to the original shape and position. In order to perform routine activities, the person has to perform some regular exercises. These exercises are normally done for just 10 to 15 minutes. Simple exercises should be repeated about 2 to 3 times in a day. However, these exercises should be performed after a proper recommendation from the doctor or therapist. Some of the common exercises performed in this situation are as follows.

Forward elevation of shoulder

This is an exercise that can be either by lying down or by sitting on the chair. Hans should be clasped at first and then the arms are lifted above the head. Then, keep the elbows straight to the full extent. This position is maintained for almost 10 to 20 seconds. After this time, the person has to be back the arms slowly. This exercise should be repeated 3 times a day with 15 to 20 repetitions.

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shoulder surgery recovery

Shoulder rotation

This is also a Shoulder surgery recovery exercise. It is done with the help of a support. The person has to keep the shoulder blades together and down, then the elbows are kept in place. The arm is assisted on the outward position even by the help of some cane or stick. The elbow is kept on the side of a person and arm moves away on the outside. This exercise is to be repeated 10 times in 3 sessions. The external rotation is restricted by the surgeon because it may have some issues with the posture. The therapist or surgeon must be consulted before doing this type of exercise. The limit is defined by them in case of external rotation and the person should comply with that.

Forward elevation of shoulder

The person should point towards the ceiling by raising the hand to the upward position. The elbows are kept straight and this position is to be helpful for almost 10 seconds. This with help in making the move possible and bringing the posture into the right shape. The repetitions of this exercise are done for 5 to 10 times in a day. The shoulder blade should not be brought up in the form of hiking. The best way of doing this exercise is to perform it in front of the mirror.

Internal rotation of shoulder

A towel or rope is needed to perform this exercise. This is an easy exercise and is done in order to build up the strength. The hand with surgery is placed behind the back and a towel should be held by both hands keeping another hand behind the head. Both these hands are placed on the opposite sides. 10 repetitions of this exercise are done in sessions of 3. The rope of towel will help a lot in keeping the arms in right posture for this amount of time.

Shoulder abduction

This is an exercise to make the shoulder active. This is a common exercise in which the person has to raise his arm on the outside, bring the palm downwards and keep the elbow straight. While doing this exercise, the trunk should not bend and keep straight. The shoulders are also, maintained in the straight position and the person should not shrug the shoulders. Three sessions of three repetitions should be performed each day. It is not good to perform this exercise in some special surgery cases. The physical therapist and surgeon should recommend this exercise to make sure that whether it is good for the person or not.

External rotation of shoulder

The side of the shoulder that had surgery should be placed by the side of a wall in this exercise. The person bends his elbow on the angle of 90 degrees. Then, the hand is pushed back from the back side slowly towards the wall. This position is held for about 5 seconds and then it relaxes in the normal position. 10 repetitions of this exercise are performed in 3 sessions each day. Some pressure will be built on the shoulder and it will be strengthened.

Shoulder surgery recovery is necessary in case of injury. The repair takes a lot of time so exercise can help in speeding up the recovery process. All the exercises discussed in this article should be performed after the proper recommendation of the doctor. This will make the muscles strong and mobility will become a lot easier.

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