How to Get Rid Of The Shoulder Pain After Surgery


Shoulder pain after surgery is really common, especially after laparoscopy. The nerves in the system feel pain after few days of surgery. This can be painful and appropriate measures should be taken to prevent this. Also, if a person is experiencing the pain in some areas of the shoulder, and this is occurring in some specific positions, this can be shoulder impingement. But, special care should be taken if a person had a surgery and then faces any kind of such pain. The shoulder may also suffer from the pain because of compression and some special areas should be prevented in these cases.

Things to be Avoided in Shoulder Pain After Surgery

Both the cases whether the person is suffering from shoulder impingement of pain after surgery, the things should not be pushed. Most of the people believe in the fact about no pain, no gain. Well, this is not helpful in this case because shoulder muscles are really sensitive and if they are pushed too hard in spite of the pain, it will raise further complicated issues. So, the positions or things that are painful should be avoided for some time. Such as, the person should avoid activities like reaching over the shoulder and the repeated movements. The pain can be relieved by the help of medication or strapping the shoulder with the help of tape. The best type of exercises that are helpful in the tightening of rotator cuff muscles is famous by the name of isometrics. They help to tighten the muscles in the shoulder and are done by pressing the hands and arms against some immovable surfaces so that the arm does not move. Some such exercises are as follows.

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Press and Hold

This exercise will help a lot in reducing the shoulder pain after surgery. The person should stand on the side of a wall and then press the back of hands on the wall. The pressure is built up until the pain is not provoked. This position is held for 30 seconds and then the person presses the hand on tummy for 30 seconds. At the final stage, the back of wrist is held and the hand is pushed on the outside for 30 seconds. The pressure will be built up with this exercise and shoulder will be able to move in its best form. This exercise should be done after every 2 hours with 4 repetitions.

shoulder pain after surgery

Pressing Shoulder Blades on the Wall

The starting position is to stand in front of the wall with hands on it. Then the person should press heals of hands on the surface of the wall. This is done in a way like a person is pushing the wall away from himself. The shoulder blades slide apart from the ribcage. After relaxing the shoulder blades are brought back together. This exercise is repeated 15 times. One thing that should be kept in mind is to keep the elbows straight during this whole time. In this way, the muscles will remain on their exact position.

shoulder pain after surgery

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Stretch of Shoulder

Stretching is really important especially when dealing with the shoulder muscles. This is the joint that moves a lot in routine and if it is not in right position, all the routines tasks become difficult to do. The person should stand on the side of the wall with the left arm attached to it. Then the hand should reach across the chest and right-hand helps a little in stretching the left arm. This stretching is done for 30 seconds and repeated about three to five times.

shoulder pain after surgery

Arm Lifts

This exercise requires a stick to be performed well. This is a great exercise for the relief of shoulder pain after surgery because the muscles are brought to their appropriate position. The person should hold the stick with both hands. Then the right arm should assist left arm in order to lift the stick outside. Only the bearable pressure should be exerted on the right arm. The movement should be completed in a comfortable manner and the extra pressure will only add up to the pain. So it is only done up to the resistance of hand and shoulder joint. This exercise is repeated slowly 15 times. The same exercise can also be done on the other side to strengthen the muscles of both arms.

shoulder pain after surgery

These exercises are especially for the pain in shoulder and not for the neck pain. So the clear examination of the shoulder is necessary before taking this treatment. These are just mild exercises to bring little improvement in the movement of muscles after an injury or surgery.

Ways of Preventing Any Injury and Pain in Shoulder

The person just has to go through surgery when the shoulder has gone through any kind of severe injury or discontinuing pain. Shoulder pain after surgery should be avoided and treated as soon as possible. This is the joint in the body that is most mobile and there is an endless list of tasks that should be performed with this joint. It is also a sensitive joint and is vulnerable to injuries. So, many ways are identified by the physicians to keep this joint in its right shape. Some expert tips to avoid the shoulder injuries and pain are as follows.

Fixing Upright Row

The upright row is associated with the joint of shoulder and can be a reason behind the impingement syndrome. There is a safe exercise to build the shoulder effectively. If this is done with safe range and in good form, it will be really helpful. The precautions that should be taken while doing this exercise involve the movement of elbow behind the height of the shoulder.

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This is the best thing to prevent injuries and pain from the shoulder. The tasks done by shoulder are enormous and they require a lot of stretching. So the repeated movement in only one direction will raise various issues. Stretching in every direction will help to resolve such problems. If the person does heavy exercise, the chances of losing the mobility for few hours increase. However, with the help of stretching this problem can be resolved. This will improve flexibility and made the body properly aligned. Whenever a person does exercise, the muscles contract and shorten, stretching will help in expanding the muscles. So, stretching should be done along with the exercise to make it perfect and get valuable results.

Strength of External Rotation

The external rotation is important to consider especially in the case of shoulder pain after surgery. Most of the routine tasks involve internal rotation that makes the body muscles move in only one direction. To make it bi-directional, external rotation helps a lot. When the muscles are moved in every direction, the chances of getting shoulder impingement and other forms of pain will reduce. This physical therapy will help a lot in warming up the shoulder muscles.

Slow Down in Training

Most of the moves done in exercise and training are harmful to the muscles. Especially the lifts done with the help of dumbbells can be problematic if the right proportion is not maintained. As the lifting and training are particularly done in order to build the muscles, they can also be problematic. If the extraordinary effort is put in, this will raise a lot of issues because of exertion on the tissues. When the lifts are done, special care is needed on the lowering phase to make the tissues work properly. This will help in increasing the stability of muscles, strengthening of tissues and size of the body. If it is not decreased, the chances of getting an injured increase. So, if these exercises are done with proper care, a lot of benefits will be achieved. It is equally important as the stretching is. These things will help a lot in avoiding injury and pain in the shoulder.

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