Partial Bicep Tear Treatment


Body maintenance is the most important part of life. We should focus on our diet for sound body and health. People face different types of pains and diseases when they do not care for their health. They need to maintain their health and avoid such kind of diseases and pains. Partial bicep tear happens due to the muscle contraction. It causes pain in the shoulder bicep. Here we discuss such kind of ruptures in detail.

What is partial bicep tear?

It can be more obvious when it happens due to muscle contraction. Muscles play an important role in the strength of body parts. Due to muscle contraction, people have to face different kinds of pains such as chest pain, arm pain and pain in the back. In order to avoid such kind of pains, you need to focus on the maintenance of your muscles. Shoulders can face partial rupture or full rupture due to muscle contraction. Partial rupture can be less visible while bicep tear can be more obvious.

partial bicep tear

To cure such kind of rupture, you need to consult with doctor. Doctor will properly bend your arm and cure in the good way. Your bicep muscles will be tighten in this way.

Role of tendon in bicep tear

Tendon plays an important role in the arms strengths. It attaches and fixes bones to muscles. Your bones in arms are attaches to muscles due to tendon in your shoulder. Your arms lose strength when tendon muscles tear in the shoulder. It results in the pain in your arms. You cannot perform tasks with the help of arms in a proper way due to loss of tendon. People can take different treatments for healing tendon and getting strength in arms. You can take surgical as well as non-surgical treatments for partial bicep tendon tear.


Shoulder of human is a kind of ball and socket joint. It is made up of three bones namely scapula, humorous and clavicle. Scapula is a shoulder blade and humorous is the upper arm bones. On the other hand, clavicle is your collarbone. Upper arm bone fixes into the shoulder blade which is known as glenoid. Your muscles and tendons along with each other help to keep your arm bone in the center of the socket. Such tissues are known as rotator cuff. Rotator cuff attaches the upper arm bone to your shoulder blade. Tendons in the upper arm bones are two in number. These tendons attach muscles to bones in the shoulder. Tendon tear can be of two types. These are as follows:

Partial bicep tear

In such kind of tear, tendon does not split completely. It can be less obvious and less dangerous.

Full bicep tears

In this type of tendon tear, tendon completely splits. It splits into two pieces and can be dangerous for your arm. You can lose strength in your arm in this severe kind of pain. You cannot lift a heavy object due to tearing of tendon completely. Sometimes, partial bicep tear can lead to full bicep tear. It can also lead to damage other parts in your shoulder.

Causes of bicep tear

There can be several causes of bicep tendon tear. Here we discuss two main causes of tendon tear in your arm. These are as follows:


Partial or full bicep tear may occur due to overuse of arms and shoulders. It can be happen as you age. Tendons in arms can be frayed progressively with the passage of time. When you over age, your body parts lose their strength. Same is the case with arms and shoulders. They lose their strength and tear tendon.


Tendon will tear when you lift a heavy object. It loses its strength and arm cannot perform well. Severe accidents can also result in the damage of bicep of shoulder completely.

Risk factors of tendon tear

There are several risk factors which can result into the tendon tear. These factors increase with different other factors. These factors are as follows:

Age: It is one of the most important factor which determines age of tendon. Tendon lose their strength when you cross some specific age group. Tendon lose their strength because these are used excessively and starts tearing. On the other hand, tendons are strong and in proper condition in young people.

Smoking: It is a factor which determines health of your whole body. Your body affects a lot when you smoke continuously. It increases nicotine level in your body and arms which can be dangerous for your health. Tendon loses its strength due to increase level of nicotine in muscles.

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Shoulder overuse: Bicep tear can occur due to shoulder overuse. Shoulders are mostly overused due to sports activities. Overuse of shoulder can be related with the age factor. With the passage of time, tendon wear and tear capacity decreases and results into the loss of strength of tendon.

Heavy activities: Lifting and holding of overweighed objects can lead to partial bicep tear. Some people are associated with jobs required holding heavy objects which decrease the life of tendon in their arms. It is one of the major risk factor for bicep tear in human.

Corticosteroid medications: Such type of medication can lead into the weakness of tendon and muscles in arms. It loses strength of tendon in arms.

Symptoms of partial bicep tear

There are several symptoms of bicep tear. These symptoms vary with the intensity of pain in arms and shoulders. Here we discuss some of the main symptoms of bicep tear. These are as follows:

  • You can feel sudden and sharp pain in your upper arms which can result into bicep tear.
  • You can feel pain in the shoulder and elbow at the intense level. It can be one of the symptoms of tendon tear. You need to consult with doctor in this situation.
  • You face difficulty in turning palms up and down. This is due to the reason that tendon tear and loses its strength which can cause severe pain also.
  • Your bicep muscles become tight excessively when tendon in arms tears. In this situation, a dent appears on the shoulder of arm. It is also a major symptom of partial bicep tear.
  • Sometimes a snap and audible pop can result into tendon tear.

Treatment for bicep tear

Two kinds of treatments are suggested by doctors in case of bicep tears. These are as follows:

Non-surgical treatment

In case of not acute pain, you can go for the non-surgical treatments. It can be suitable when your rotator cuff in arms does not damage. Non-surgical treatments include:

Usage of ice: you need to apply cold packs of ice on the swelling part of your arm. You do not need to apply ice directly on your skin. Apply it on your arms for at least 20 minutes. This will affect positively.

Relaxation: You should rest and relax for relaxation of muscles in arms. You should avoid holding and lifting heavy objects excessively. It is important to relieve pain in your arms. Doctors recommend you to rest for the treatment of bicep tear.

Physical therapy: Physical therapy includes exercises of flexibility and strengthening. You can strengthen your shoulders and muscles by doing different kinds of exercises. It is important to relieve pain of bicep tear.

Surgical treatment

This kind of treatment is rarely needed when bicep tear occur for long term period. Some people require it due to their excessive use of tendon and its damage such as athletes and manual laborers. Surgical treatment is done when non-surgical treatment does not work to cure. There are several new methods and procedures are developed for surgical treatments. People go for surgery to heal the torn tendon. Doctors recommend a surgery depending upon the type of tendon tear.

So, partial bicep tear can be healed by using different surgical and non-surgical treatments. You should consult with doctor and take recommendation according to the type of bicep tear.

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