5 Ways For Frozen Shoulder Physical Therapy Exercises


Some shoulder injuries are serious problems especially for the athletes or people participating in any kind of sport. The pain is really hard to handle and movement becomes limited. The healing procedure is also really slow. There is a group of muscles in the shoulder known as rotator cuff that helps in stabilization and movement of the shoulder. This can be treated with shoulder physical therapy exercises.

shoulder physical therapy exercises

Shoulder physical therapy exercises are useful and it appears as a unit, but is composed of several parts. The humerus, with its upper part, constitutes the joint head. The shoulder blade and the outer part of the clavicle also count to the bony shoulder belt. Two joints of the clavicle also functionally belong to the shoulder. The inside connects the sternum with the womb. The external shoulder joint couples the upper part of the shoulder blade with the clavicle. These bony structures are held by filigree bands, but they have no appreciable degrees of freedom.

Things to be done after injury

There is a method with the name of RICE that should be used after the injury before shoulder physical therapy exercises for reduction of swelling and pain. This method includes four steps. It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This method will help a lot in taking down swelling and reducing the pain. Once they are gone, some stretch and other exercises should be done to bring the shoulder in movement. First, these exercises should be done without the weight and then some weight with dumbbells should be added. Some of the normal exercises to follow are as follows.

Side-lying rotation

This is an external rotation that is done to improve the movement of the shoulder. This process is done through proper mechanism. First of all, lie down on the flat surface and move opposite side of the injured arm. Then, the injured arm should be moved to 90 degrees and rest an elbow on the side. The forearm has to rest on the side of the abdomen. The dumbbell should be held in the hand of injured side. The elbow is kept against the side. Then, the dumbbell is moved slowly towards the ceiling and in this way, the exercise is done. It should be stopped if the arm feels the strain. Before getting to the starting position, the dumbbells should be kept in the air for few seconds. Three sets should be made with 10 repetitions and this should be done 3 times in a day to get healed soon. The number of repetitions should be increased to 20 when 10 become easy to do.

Doorway stretch

This is a warm-up exercise to bring shoulder in moving position. The person should stand in open doorway and then stretch the muscles. This is an easy process in which the arms are stretched on both sides. The both sides of the door should be held with each hand with the same height as shoulder or below it. Then the person should lean on the forward side so that a stretch is sensed. The back should be kept straight and weight is shifted on the toes. The stretch will be felt on the front side of the shoulder but the person should keep in mind that overstretch will raise other issues. So the exercise should be done according to the capacity of movement.

Reverse flying

In this shoulder physical therapy exercises, the person should stand in a way that the distance between feet should be equal to the width of shoulders. Then, he should bend the knees and bend forward while keeping the back straight. The pressure should be exerted on the waist. Some lightweight should be placed in both hands and then stretch the arms by raising them away from the body. One thing should be taken care is that the elbows remain unlocked. The shoulder blades should be squeezed together in a way that the height of arms is not more than the height of shoulders. Then this exercise will be repeated 3 times in the set of 10. This will help a lot in making the movement really easy for the person in any direction.

High-low rows

This exercise needs a band with resistance to complete it in the best manner. The band with high resistance should be attached to a place slightly above the shoulder length. The knot should be made tight so that it will not come up or loose when the person pulls it. The knee with injured arm should be raised and other should be bent down when the person gets seated. The complete body should be aligned with the lowered knee. Then, the other hand should rest on the knee that is raised. The hand that is injured should hold the band in a secure manner and then pull elbow towards the body. In this complete process, the person should hold the back straight and shoulder blades need to be kept squeezing. Make sure that complete body does not twist with the arm or do not move. If all these precautions are kept in mind, this will help a lot in the healing process to be done sooner. This exercise also requires 3 sets of 10 repetitions to be done in a day.

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Pull with lawn mower

This exercise also requires the same distance in feet as between the shoulders. One resistance band is also required here. The foot on the opposite side of the injured arm should hold the band underneath. Then the injured arm should pull it in a way that it goes diagonally. The other hand should be kept on hips for support. Make sure that the knees do not lock to prevent any other strain or injury. The person should bend slightly towards the waist in a way that the hand with band remains parallel to opposite knee. The start should be like the person start a lawn mower with slow motion. When the band is being pulled outside, the person should straighten upright to pull elbow towards outside ribs. When the person stands, he should keep the shoulders straight and shoulder blades squeezed to get the perfect posture. This shoulder physical therapy exercises makes it work in the best position.

Time to see a doctor

Most people believe that shoulder physical therapy exercises are the best in case of any shoulder injury. However, this may not be true. As this is a sensitive joint and it can be healed with light exercises but a point comes when consulting a doctor becomes necessary. These exercises help to some extent in building up the strength of shoulder back in minor injury cases. Though, in cases of major injuries, the person should have more attention and consult a physician. The doctor should be conferred if the person experiences continuous pain or deep ache. In case of swelling and difficulty in raising the arm as well as when the person experiences difficulty and pain while sleeping even after fays have passed after injury. All these symptoms indicate that some severe injury has occurred that requires immediate assistance of a doctor. The doctor will conduct x-rays and after analyzing the situation properly, he will look to give appropriate treatment. The treatment may involve slowing down the pain with medication. Healing of internal damage with medicines is also done in some cases. In severe cases, they move towards surgery to bring the dislocated or broken shoulder in its right shape. The shoulder injury is a crucial matter and this should be looked into really carefully. If the right treatment is done at the right time, it will prevent any big loss in the longer run.

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