9 Best Exercises For Shoulder Impingement


Shoulder impingement syndrome is an issue in which the shoulder faces issues with mobility and strength. These issues can be resolved easily by the exercises discussed in this article. This is only successful if the joint move completely. The biomechanical functioning for the joint is necessary especially for the athletes to do their job accurately. This issue usually occurs because of an injury.  In athletes, if they suffer from any injury, the rhythm between their shoulder blade and the upper end of arm bone is lost. Some of the following Exercises for shoulder impingement will help a lot in removing this issue. These exercises are discussed in categories to target the area a person is particularly looking for.

Stretching Exercises For Shoulder Impingement

In the process of rehabilitation, the stretching is necessary to be done on regular basis. Particularly if it is done in some special postures, it will be helpful for the shoulder. The posture will be improved and the motion will be experienced to full range. Some stretching exercises are as follows.

Supraspinatus Stretch

The hand should be placed on the lower side of back and elbow should be pulled with the help of another hand. The person should keep the hand on the lower back for some time and this will imply some stretch on the back of the shoulder. This process should be done for almost twenty to thirty seconds and five times. If the person feels any pain, he should discontinue doing it.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

This is a common stretch mostly people do in routine. One arm should be placed on the front side of the body and the other hand should pull it tightly. The stretch will be exerted on the back side of the shoulder in this process. This position is also done for twenty to thirty seconds with the repetition of 3 times with no pain.

Anterior Shoulder Stretch

In this exercise, the person should hold something above the head such as the frame of the door. That thing should be tall enough to be more than the height of a person. Once the frame is held, move forward so that the arm behind stretches. This will stretch not only the shoulder but also the chest muscles. This position is also continued for twenty to thirty seconds with three repetitions.

Chest Stretch

In this exercise, the arm should be placed on the solid surface such as a wall. Then, lean at a forward angle, and turn o the side away to stretch the muscles of the chest. This will exert more pressure on the front side. This position should be continued for twenty to thirty seconds with the repetition of three times. Th stretch on the front chest is felt but there is no pain.

These Exercises for shoulder impingement are all forms of stretching to make the shoulder strengthen and help it move in all directions. But, they should only be experienced if there is no pain. Some other exercises for the strengthening of muscles are as follows.

Strengthening Exercises

These are the Exercises for shoulder impingement that help in making the shoulder strong. Especially the strength of rotator cuff muscles is kept in mind which designing these exercises. The stabilization of the joint of the shoulder is made sure. Upper back muscles are also strengthened. If no pain is experienced in the injured area, then these exercises are done.

Internal Rotation While Lying

The arm on which the work is to be done should be placed on the bottom side while the person lies down. Keep the forearm parallel to the ground. Move forearm towards stomach so that the shoulder is rotated and the position of the hand is upward. Then lift the weight again to the starting position. The weight of about 2 to 3 KG should be used to start and gradually increase it as the strength is improved. The repetition of 10 to 12 times should be done in routine to improve the strength of injured shoulder. Once it becomes easy to do this, both the repetitions and weight should be improved gradually.

External Rotation While Lying

In this exercise, the athlete lies down on the floor or mat with the arm to be worked on towards top side. Point the hand towards the direction of the floor while the upper arm is on the side. Move the upper hand on the top side as far as possible in the direction of the ceiling. Then come again to the start position. This exercise should also start with 2 KG with the set of 10 – 20 repetitions. A person can also do this exercise while standing with the help of resistance band.

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Abduction External Rotation

Arm abduction is raising the arm on the side with the angle of 90 degrees. This is done in a way that the lower side of the arm is parallel to the floor. This can be done easily by placing the arm on the top of a bench or chair. Also, bend the elbow in 90-degree position. Make elbow a fixed point and rotate the shoulder in a way that the hand is directing towards the ceiling. Then come again to the starting point. The dumbbells of 2 to 3 KG are used or the resistance band is also good to use. The biomechanics of shoulder can only be obtained if the strength is regained after a shoulder injury.

Retraction of Shoulder

The aim of an athlete is to keep the head still while pulling the shoulder backward and arm in straight position. The only thing that is moving in this exercise is a shoulder. This is done at first without any weight in 3 sets with 10 to 30 repetitions. These Exercises for shoulder impingement are specially designed in order to have more control on the shoulder blades by holding them and squeezing on the back end.

Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement

This is clear that the person is suffering from shoulder impingement when the strength is lost as well as the mobility become hard. Whenever a person suffers from any shoulder injury or falls back on his own arm, the chances of having this issue increase. This issue is also very common in athletes because they use it quite often and getting shoulder injury is easy in such cases because of repeated efforts. After getting some early treatments if the person still suffers from the pain and loss of strengths, these are the clear symptoms of having shoulder impingement.

Consultation with Doctor

If the early exercises are of no help and constant pain and loss of mobility are there, this is time to consult the doctor. He will analyze the situation clearly and see if any serious issues are there to tackle. The best way prescribed by doctors to bring back the strength and solve mobility issues is exercise. However, this can only be done when the pain is all gone. That can be treated with the help of medication or other therapies. But all of this takes time to heal because this is a sensitive part of the body.

The exercises for shoulder impingement discussed in this article are really helpful and are presented after the proper consultation with doctors. Just make sure that there is no kind of fracture before doing these. They should only be done id the person does not feel any pain while practicing them. Even if the mild pain is experienced, these exercises should be stopped right away to avoid any further inconvenience. Even if the person does not have any injury, they can also be used to strengthen the shoulder blades and muscles because exercises are always helpful. Just make sure that the patient does not overdo them. The moderate level is always the best to overcome the key issue. They will revive the strength and mobility for a longer run.

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